Of Mice and Men

What are Curley's desires/dreams?

Chapter 4

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Curley dreams of being a big, important man; he dreams of being a man's man..... the toughest of men and the most feared. He should probably try to pay as much attention to gaining respect.

curleys dream is to be a man. A man that is respected by everyone. His dream is to prove everyone in the ranch that he is a strong individual even if he is physically tiny.we can see that this is what he is aiming for from his conducts. He always wants to deal with big guys. whenever he has the chance to speak with a big guy he takes the chance. for example: when he first meet George and Lennie, he asked him if they were the new guys that his father was waiting for and george answered him,he immediately responded and said to George (let the big guy talk).

In one of the chapters candy said that curley (hates big guys) because he is small. Curley and everyone else in the ranch knows that curley is trying to be bossy because this is the only place he can be bossy because he is under his fathers protection. he knows that when he is in the outside world he will be considered as a weak individual.his only dream is to let people know that he is a strong guys and he doesnt fear big guys.