Of Mice and Men

vote: Who thinks George shouldn't have shot "Lil'" Lennie? Any think otherwise?

Why shoot Lennie?( besides the fact he isn't compatable with the outside world)

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George shot lennie beause if curly and the other boys would have tortured him. george knew that if he helped lennie out of the mess that he got himself into that it would just happen again and again just like the time in weed , when lennie grabed the girls dress and would not let go. george loved lennie but he had to do what was best for himself and for lennie he was trying to protect him in a way. he thought that if he shot lennie then he would be saving lennie from all the pain and suffering that he would have went through with the other boys. lennie did not feel a thing. geroge deffiently felt bad about having to do it but he knew in the end it was the right thing to do