Of Mice and Men



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I interpreted it as some sort of homosexual dream, it was very subtle and involved george and lennie.


The dream was to have the Farmhouse where they could be self supporting and live off 'tha' fat o' the land'. Remember Lennie and the rabbits? That entire explanation in the beginning when they are sitting by the fire is the dream.

it can be seeen as part of the american dream!xxx

and also its mentioned trought out the book! lennie and gorge are always on about it!XXXXX

also candy and crooks! are in on that dream!XXXX =] XXXX

lennie dreams about the rabbits both him and george was speaking about but lennie dreams that the rabbit is a giant in his dream rather then a normal rabbit when they were by the river side also his aunt clara the woman who grew leenie

havnt u read the book agent 3006?

lol sam...

i remember george tells lennie that he can have various colored rabbits, but lennie didnt realize

also george kills the idiot

hey keisha ur wrong

in their real dream, or ambition, lennie didnt dream about any giant rabbits

it was only at the end, when he was on his own, where he had a hallucination (not a dream), about a giant rabbit and aunt clara scolding him

btw, there are many examples of symbolism in this novel... one example is the many antitrust laws, and the monoplies.. also creating trusts in order to diminish competition

i have read the novel a few times and i definatly do not get the impression that Lennie and George are homosexuals ! lol

however there dream they have is a shared dream , that in itself is a unusal thing during the time of the great depression in america as men would only look out for themselfs ... as is known as a ' dog eat dog world'.

There dream would be different to dreams we have now as it would be simple things that pleased people in that time where as we are now more flamboyant with our wishes.

for example my dream at the moment is to own a horse, and my friends dream is to have a dog ! :]

George and Lennie talk of freedom in there dream , something we now take for granted. They would have to work extreamly hard for a long time to achieve a place they could call home, something else we also take for granted.