Of Mice and Men

True or False Of Mice and Men Chapter 5

True or False

1. The day was Sunday

2. The puppy was kiled

3.Curley's wife thinks she could have been in the movies

4. Curley's wife takes great pride in her hair

5. Lennie kills Curley's wife

6.Curley's wife's neck was broken

7. Lennie stroke Curley's wife hair

8. Candy comes into the barr to talk to Lennie

9.The body is partially hidden by hay

10. Curley knew right away who killed his wife, he says.

My answers are

1. False

2. True

3. True

4. True


6. True

7. True




Tell me which ones are wrong

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The first question is true. At the start of Chapter Five, it is Sunday afternoon.

Please list your questions separately.