Of Mice and Men

True or False?

1. Curley's wife does not love him.

2. George worries about insects in his bed.

3. Lennie tells George about killing Curley's wife.

4. Carlson wants to shoot Candy's dog.

5. Curley catches his hand in a machine.

6. Curley's wife refuses to talk to men.

7. After the murder, Lennie hides in a cave.

8. Crooks does not live in the bunk house with the other men.

9. George never complains about taking care of Lennie.

10. George tells Lennie that he is to keep quiet when they meet the boss.

11. Crooks wants to live on George's and Lennie's farm.

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2. t

3. f

4. t

5. f

6. f

7. f

8. t

9. f

10. t

11. t kind of

1. True