Of Mice and Men

steinbeck describes curley's glance as "at once calculating and pugnacious," and he strides about with "his elbows...still bent out a little." how does this description reveal curley's personality?

to describe curley's personality

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That's a great quote that describes Curly. He has a major case of "small guy complex". He feels so worthless about himself that his posture around others is always offensive. He tries so hard to look tough, like a guy not to be messed with. He constantly needs to prove to others and himself that he is of "manly" worth. Ironically the other men in the ranch stay away from him but only because Curly s the boss's son. Curly does kind of what my cat does when she is scared of the neighbour's dog. She tries to make herself look bigger than she is, puffy tale, arched back...Curly is similar; his elbows are out bent at his side as if he is bigger than he is.

Okay, for now on I will remember that Curley has an "e" in it! Sorry.