Of Mice and Men

Relationship between Lennie and George

Describe the relationship between these two men, as you see it. Refer to the positives and negatives of their relationship.

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George and Lennie are close friends. Lennie's disability leaves George's role as that of the caretaker. Lennie gets into mischief, and George is forced to handle the problems. This relationship is positive because George provides almost a parental guidance for Lennie... who has no one. It might also be seen as positive for George, as Lennie provides company and a lot of amusement.

There are also negative aspects involved in this relationship. Lennie cannot control his own strength, and often fails to see the difference between right and wrong. Lennie's disability and subsequent actions are likely to get him into a lot of trouble, and George will likely have to take some of the blame. Lennie's actions also keep them on the move.


Of Mice and Men