Of Mice and Men

of mice nad man

how is lennie descriminated and who did?

explain the idea contain in the poem TO A MOUSE fits the idea of novel?

Do you think that the killing of lennie was justifiable? why and why not?

what does george and lennies dream of one day owning their own farm symbolize?

select one of the characters from teh novel and draw a symbol to represent that character? expain why you choose that symbol.

third themes of the novel deals with the lives of ordinary people. write theme statement for what you think is author writting about the ordianary people?

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Hey, I think you need to ask your questions seperately to get responses. THere is a bit too much here. I'll take the first one though.

how is lennie descriminated and who did?

Lennie is mentally challenged. During this time period not many people understood exactly what this meant. Lennie is essentially a large grown man with the mental and emotional capabilities of a six year old. Lennie is in a sense lucky. After his aunt died, George pretty much protected Lennie from people who might have used him. Still, characters in the novel did take advantage of him. Curly, who had a big case of "small man complex", tried to hurt him. In her loneliness and perhaps ignorance, Curly's wife flirts with Lennie who really does not understand her advances.