Of Mice and Men

(of mice and men) what is the relationship between Candy, Crooks, Lennie and Curleys wife in chapter 4

Pls answer this question. SSteinbeck shows a big relationship between these characters in chapter 4 of the novel. Of mice and men

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Candy, Crooks, and Lenny are making plans for the future; Curly's wife is a nuisance......... she has no future, and after making demeaning comments to the men..... they begin to question their own.

This question is a bit involved for this space. I think an effective way to look at this is how they are alike. All of them are outcasts and isolated in their own ways. Crooks is the lonely stable hand segregated from others. Candy feels old and useless. Curley's wife is a mere possession and Lennie, by his mental capabilities, is stuck in his own world. They exist in a vacuum of sorts, limited by the labels and stereotypes put upon them. When they do interact it is with pain and recrimination.