Of Mice and Men

OF Mice and men symbols

How does the dream house relate to the theme/motif in the novel (any theme or motif)?

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The motif of permanence and the American Dream resonates throughout this novel. The farm symbolizes the idea of independence, success and contentment. For George it owns a piece of land and having to answer to nobody. Because Lennie thinks in concrete terms of his own pleasure, he equates the tending of rabbits - whose soft fur he wishes to pet - with the attainment of utter happiness. Thus he has developed a shorthand for referring to the plan George and he share to start a farm of their own - "I remember about the rabbits" (5). Lennie takes deep pride in the notion that he would be entrusted to raise the rabbits, to protect them, to feed them out of their alfalfa patch. He places the entirety of his future happiness on this one image of caring for rabbits.