Of Mice and Men

Of mice and men has a controversial history.It has been banned repeatedly banned by scgools. Why might this book have been banned? Is such an action justified

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I concur, like really! Banning books is generally upsetting but banning Steinbeck’s masterpiece is insane. If I put my brain in neutral and think about through a scope of ignorance I can surmise a few points. There are racial slurs in it, especially against Crooks the Negro ranch hand. There is some mildly offensive language, although it is rather tame compared to today's standards. The whole euthanasia scene at the end of the book would have ruffled some feathers. I'm not sure if it was a conservative Christian thing or the a general taboo about euthanasia that got Steinbeck's novella banned. In the end, it is sad that this novella had limited access in any sense. Of Mice and Men is truly a great piece of fiction.

The book has been called "offensive" and "vulgar" because of the language and characterization. Each of the characters in Of Mice and Men are affected by physical, emotional, or mental limitations. In the end, the American Dream is not enough. One of the most controversial topics in the book is euthanasia.