Of Mice and Men

of mice and men chapter 1

what kind of relationship do george and lennie have? Why?

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THey are friends. Well they are more than friends. Both rely on each other for support in different ways.

Here is some more detail,

In chapter one we realise pretty quickly that Lennie has some mentally challenged issues. Well okay, he has allot of mental issues. When we meet George and Lennie he is crying about his dead mouse being confiscated. Apparently Lennie petted it to death. George obviously looks out for Lennie. Much like a six year old would be dependent on his parents, Lennie is completely dependent on George for everything. Throughout this novel there is a sense of loneliness and isolation among these itinerant workers. For all the trouble Lennie causes George, Lennie is still a faithful friend and confidant. True friendship was a rare thing to find in this context. Lennie and George truly loved each other. We quickly get sense that George's speech about their little dream farm was not solely for Lennie's benefit. The dream was shared by two men who were the only family to each other.