Of Mice and Men

need help please!

I have to explain the effectiveness of at least two elements used by the author.

I only need to know what that means plz.

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By elements they mean literature elements to find the elements just go to google and type in literature elements for Of Mice and Men.... youre welcome and good luck!!

thanks for your help :) . now i need to make connections to personal, literary or media.

Easy topics would be Steinbeck's use of foreshadowing (the death of Candy's dog and Lennie's death) and symbols: the killing of the weak--the smallest puppies, the woman, the mouse in Lennie's pocket, the suggestion that "I wish somebody'd shoot me if I got old and a cripple," and Lennie the retard); animals--the water snake as a sign of evil, the softness and vulnerability of rabbits, who are a lot like Lennie.

Connect these to events in your own life--death of the weak, or euthanasia of the critically ill.

Connect these to other events in literature--other characters who are treated cruelly, or who share a special friendship like George and Lennie, or who are afraid to be friends like most of the men on the ranch, or who face a tough moral decision like George's.

Connect these to events in the media--the stories of people being treated like property as Curley treats his wife, or of people being treated like animals, as Candy and Lennie are treated.

Does this help?

Yea Im starting to get ideas, thank you so much!