Of Mice and Men

Need each other

I need some reasons why Lennie needs George as much as George needs Lennie for a debate topis....why do they need each other so much....give me reasons for both and try to give me quotes from the book trying to prove your answers.....!!!

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It's the whole theme of the book! Everyone else is lonely, but their together. None of their plans matter if their alone! It's really obvious actually. If George lost Lennie (which he does, but whatever) he'd be all alone, and dead, like the rest of the world. You probably already had that, but at least i tried to help

Have you read the book? The answer is clearly notified in there. Go do your homework hunny.

dude read the book! if you have then! get the book! if you wa nt quotations there all in the book!X and well lennie needs gorge! lennie is like a tard he copies gorge! he pets dead mice? yer he is sane! lol and well he would die mwith out gorge! he is like a kid he waits for praze from gorge! and if your get angry then he plays on that.

'if you don' want me i can go off in the hills an' find a cave'

gorge has had a go at him by this piont lennie is playing on what guilt gorge is feeling.


'lennie adovided the bait he has senced his advantage

'if you don't want me, you only jus' got to say so,'

ok! plz read the book again or read it! XX