Of Mice and Men

Lennie's death

Do you agree with George's decision in Ch. 6? what is your opinion at the end of the novel? What evidence would you use to defend or criticise George's actions?

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The first part of your question calls for your opinion. George's decision would be considered a mercy killing..... thus, your answer requires you to decide if you think George had the right to decide Lennie's life should be taken?

I find the end of the novel to be beyond sad.... it is good to see that George found friendship and support in Slim, but will it be enough to live with the guilt? On the other hand, George was also aware that Lennie's death was imminent, thus, he knows that had he not mercifully taken Lennie's life..... his life would still have been taken..... violently and painfully.

I don't think that George genuinely loves Lennie. He would always call him retard in the book and then he kills him. If my best friend was retarded I would just leave the ranch after Slim told me to kill him. I also don't recall George shedding 1 tear. Back in the 20's everyone was retarded in the sense that they didn't know how to do anything but farm and act. So I think George was wrong for that. But then again it is partially Lennies falt. Because he snapped that womans neck. But that lady should have sensed something was wrong with Lennie and stayed away from him. Also we he said stop making noise she should have did exactly as he said going back to my point of everyone being retarded. If someone was about to snap my neck and told me to shut up, I wouldn't make the slightest sound.


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