Of Mice and Men

Lennie's Background

Lennie's background is only slightly mentioned with Aunt Clara but two Claras (Aunt Clara and Clara that owns the whorehouse) are mentioned in the book which gives us in insight into what his background is.

And I think Lennie's Aunt Clara is the same Clara that owns the whorehouse.


Lennie could have been the son of one of Clara's girls. He received mice and velvet a lot because the house had lots of mice and velvet from "nice chairs". George came into contact with Lennie because he probably came there often so Clara entrusted Lennie to him. His prostitute mother was most likely on drugs so that is why Lennie was not normal.

Plus Steinbeck could have chosen another name for Lennie's Aunt or the owner of the whorehouse but he chose the same one for a reason just like how he never gave Curley's wife a name to show that she was just an object to Curley.

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Lennie Small (whose name is joke: “He ain't small”.) Lennie is enormously strong. He is simple (has a learning difficulty) though he is physically well co-ordinated and capable of doing repetitive manual jobs (bucking barley or driving a cultivator) with skill.

Lennie has a man's body, but a child's outlook, he gains pleasure from “petting ” soft things, even dead mice, and loves puppies and rabbits. He is dependent, emotionally, on George, who organizes his life and reassures him about their future. Lennie can be easily controlled by firm but calm instructions But panic in others makes Lennie panic: this happened when he tried to “pet” a girl's dress, and happens again twice : first, when he is attacked by Curley, and second, when Lennie strokes the hair of Curley's wife.


pf mice and men

lived with aunt clara

Lennie is a thirty year old man who acts like a child. He has a mental disabillity and is super strong but doesnt know that. Lennie is able to not go insane because he has George Milton. When he was a child he lived with his aunt clara but she died. Before she died george promised her that she will look after lennie