Of Mice and Men

Lennie and Curley: Compare and Contrast

We have a booklet of questions we need to answer while reading the in English, and the above is one of the questions. It is fairly simple to think of how Curley and Lennie contrast, but I need some good comparisons. Anybody?

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I would suggest that neither Curley nor Lennie are fully understood by those around them, which can leave them isolated. Even though Lennie has George, and Curley his wife, they both abandon these 'partners' to go into town.

Both men also have the capacity to do physical damage to others: Curley as a boxer and Lennie through sheer brute strength. It is also implied that both men would stop at nothing when their temper is riled.


'Of Mice and Men' - John Steinbeck

lennie is big guy and curley is short.



Curly itches for violence as soon as he sees Lennie. “His arms gradually bent at the elbows and his hands closed into fists. He stiffened and went into a slight crouch.”

There is a certain amount of violence in the way George treats Lennie “Crazy Bastard”. Lennie’s softness sets off George’s gruffness “i forgot, Lennie said softly”. When George threatens Lennie it is like a parent threatening a child not adult on adult violence “you gonna give me that mouse or do I have to sock you”.



One of the John Steinbeck's story Of mice and men is the story which described or balance many character's ethics or behaviors. one of them are "Curley and Lennie".

Curley is son of the boss. he is boxer and always trying to find his opponent between men who is physically strong. he wants to be lightweight fighter. semi-privileged man with a very short temper and something of an inferiority complex. and it seems he’s always itching for a scuffle, he is misbehavior, he is insular and doesn't want someone be in progression such as George.

On the other hand Lennie is orphan have no parents, poor. he doesn't know that who is his opponent, he is big, shapeless and physically strong. he doesn't wants to beat anybody and not to be beaten by anybody. he is polite if to keep him in happy mood.