Of Mice and Men

I need the feelings of George and lennie

This is for a characterization on lennie and George of mice and men

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Lennie is like a kid; he thinks like a kid, acts like a kid, and has the body of an adult...... that's where it all goes wrong.

Lennie love soft things, yearns to be settled and taken care of, and wants to have things he can love. Nothing in the story changes for him along the way. The story begins and ends with Lennie's dream of a farm and his won rabbits.

George on the other hand has major thoughts about responsibility (Lennie), thoughts about having the farm (working for himself), and he also has thought of resentment (being responsible for Lennie). Regardless, his main thoughts of Lennie are those of love. The big guy kind of grew onm him......


Of Mice and Men