Of Mice and Men

I need help with a Essay on (Of mice and men)

its a compare and contrast about crooks and curely's wife using quotes in the novel

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Okay, this has been asked before if you'd like to go back and look through prior answers...... just an idea

so...... the two are both discriminated against, they're both lonely, and they're both ostracized. Curly's wife uses her looks and position as the only woman on the ranch to drive everyone crazy, especially her husband. Crooks uses his position to hide out...... he's suspicious, as is Curly's wife of other people's motives.

Curly's wife goes out of her way to get noticed; Crooks does everything he possibly can to be invisible. Both Crooks and Curly's wife demean the people around them.... meaning they're not very pleasant. They both pull power trips over others whenever possible in order to make themselves feel better..... pretty sad lives.


Of Mice and Men