Of Mice and Men

i need a PEE paragraph for the relationship between crooks, candy, lennie and curley's wife in chapter4?

I know the answer, but i need a well structure pee paragraph

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- each of the characters is an outcast

- all of the characters are outcasts, but they are each very different; they are individually excluded but for different reasons

- these characters all show some kind of compassion, each for the other. Not initially, but they are compassionate none the less.

- each of these characters yearns for a dream they're afraid they'll never attain, and yet, they believe they can possibly find it together (forget Curly's wife here).

- each of the characters suffers from loneliness. Candy is lost without his canine companion; Lennie is lost without George; Crooks is not accepted because of the color of his skin, and Curly's wife is ignored. They are all essentially alone.

this two culey's wife and the crook on the ranch, one side they are alone and frustrated and on the other side in a roam circumstances their rights are not being given equally as the others are being given on the ranch and these two are not being respected as others.

they have got the same condition situation in a raciest manner..!

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