Of Mice and Men

How realistic is the portray of the migrant farmers in Of Mice and Men?

please list a couple examples throughout the book. Thank you 

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Steinbeck was a thorough researcher and observer of the human condition. I found that Steinbeck takes the lives of migrant men during this time and gives them real stories. For me, I think the character of George is a great example realism. The guy was so conflicted, determined and frustrated. The one thing he never stopped being was Lennie's friend. Despite all the heartache and stress, George loved Lennie. It was an unconditional love that transcended words. You seldom see a relationship like that between two grown men related or not. George always seemed sincere. Even in his frustration at Lennie, George always felt honest in a simple way that we don't see any more. My favourite line is near the end of the novel just before George is forced to shoot his friend. Lennie asks george if he is mad at him. George calmly answers, "I ain't mad, I ain't ever been mad."