Of Mice and Men

How does the behavior of Curley's wife seem deliberately designed to provoke the men?

Chapter 4

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Curley's wife's demeanor screams provocation. She insults her husband, demeans Crooks, flirts with Lennie, and lords it over Candy. Unfortunately, while Candy and Crooks retreat and toleate her, Curley is enamored.


Of Mice and Men

Look at Curly's wife's clothing, the red could impy seduction, in which red is associated with sexual desires. There's also a quote somewhere where she has leant against the door frame, introducing herself to Lennie and George, her leaning is conveyed as flirtatious and relaxing. For extra marks, put in a critic, Curley wife's behaviour is overally relaxing and emoitonally restrained - feminists would argue that this was the role of women in the Great Depression, to be an emotional bath for men, and to be restrained of their emotion to be relaxed and have a relaxed home for when the men come home.

Even her name, or lack of one, is designed to provoke men due to her being presented as an object, how could men respect a woman who doesn't have a name? Maybe Curley did not let on her name to the men to insure no connection and conversations are made between Curley's wife and the men.

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