Of Mice and Men

How does George make his bed and how does Lennie make his?

I am ment to know this answer for school.I can understand George but there is no referance to Lennie.

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When George questions the bed bugs, Lennie watches him closely;

“Then how come he got graybacks?” George was working up a slow anger. Lennie put his bindle on the neighboring bunk and sat down. He watched George with open mouth."

When George made up his bed; Lennie imitated his actions;

"George lifted his tick and looked underneath it. He leaned over and inspected the sacking closely. Immediately Lennie got up and did the same with his bed. Finally George seemed satisfied. He unrolled his bindle and put things on the shelf, his razor and bar of soap, his comb and bottle of pills, his liniment and

leather wristband. Then he made his bed up neatly with blankets."


Of Mice and Men