Of Mice and Men

How do people use dreams, and how do various characters’ dreams affect them?


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The main characters in the story (Candy, Lennie, George, Crooks) all have a common dream. Their dreams all revolve around a place to call home and people to call friends or even family. Candy dreams of being useful and belonging to George and Lennie's farm. Crooks dreams of having company that does not look down on him because he is black. George wants a home where he can make his rules and work his own land instead of somebody else's. Lennie just wants to "tend the rabbits." This dream, of course, does not come to fruition, and indeed Steinbeck seems to have designed his bleak world to preclude the possibility of escape from the cycles of loneliness and hollow companionship (whether found in drink, in prostitutes, in gambling) that come with financial hardship and dislocation.

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discrimination; look at various examples of discrimination in of mice and men. how does discrimination affects different characters,how do characters respond to discrimination and how does it affect their lives and the outcome of the story


of mice and men