Of Mice and Men

How do Lennie's actions impact the following characters: Curley, Crooks, Candy, George

Lennie's actions

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Curley - Lennie kills Curley's wife. Even though Curley is not a particularly nice man, we still do not want his wife to die.

Crooks - the only black man on the ranch, he tries, at one point, to tease Lennie and gets Lennie riled up. Crooks has been mistreated and discriminated against, but he feels bad about teaching Lennie and ultimately backs off.

Candy - Candy wants to be able to join Lennie and George on their rabbit ranch. He is older and feels himself becoming more and more useless.

George - George is Lennie's protector and has taken care of him from a fairly young age. George ultimately makes the decision to "save" Lennie by shooting him while Lennie is thinking about something pleasant rather than having Lennie be strung up by the mob.