Of Mice and Men

escribe the social standards or rules that exist on the ranch. Think about rankings, what is unspoken and what should be understood.

(chapter 2)

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George, Lenny, and the other laborers are at the bottom of the social rung. The only ones lower on the ladder would be Candy because of his physical ailments (his crippled hand), and Crooks because of his race.

Slim is the unspoken leader of the men, the only people he answers to are the boss and Curley. He carries humself with pride and has the respect of the other men because he is fair.

Curley's father is the head honcho (no brainer, this should be understood). Curley thinks he's the head man because he's the bosses kid. Curley's wife was at the bottom of the social ladder until she married Curley. Amongst the workers, she's trouble to stay away from. As far as her husbands concerned, she should continue to be completely subservient and be grateful for what he's given her.


Of Mice and Men