Of Mice and Men

does lennie deserve to die ? (quotes to back up answer)

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That's difficult. I don't think Lennie deserves to die but in the context of what was happening; it was his only way out. Today, a more "enlightened" justice system, we always look at intent. Lennie had no intent to kill Curley's wife. His motives were that of a six year old petting something soft. Unfortunately he is a grown and very strong man. Lennie's options are few. There is a lynch mob out to get him. If he was not killed he would be put in a cage and as Slim points out, "that ain't no good." Lennie does not comprehend exactly what was happening. Curley's wife, however, should have known more. In the end Lennie didn't deserve to die but at that time, it was his best option to die at the hands of someone who loved him.