Of Mice and Men

does george and lennie have a good friendship?

George was really always their when lennie needed him!

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i think that George and Lennie have a fantastic relationship in this novel. It's special. And the people in the novel (take the boss for example) finds it weird that two guys are going around together. That just goes to show that in those times their relationship that George and Lennie both share, is unique.

Georges relationship with Lennie is central to this book. At first this rare relationship is not obvious, it seems that george doesn't like Lennie, and see's him as a burden. It's not until lennie says he will hide in a cave that you really see that George does like Lennie. Lennie needs George to survive and to look after him, and George needs Lennie because Lennie is so optimistic that he doesn't let George forget about the dream. George is like the other guys on the ranch, he is quite pessimistic and cynnical and if it wasn't for Lennie he would lose sight of his dream and lead an unhappy life of labour and servitude, with no one there to talk to. That is why he is so hurt and the end of the book when he shoots Lennie. He has lost his only true friend.

Does that help at all?

i think that george and lennie are true friends due to the fact that george is always looking out for lennie and lennie is always around to entertain and keep george company although lennies dissability is a handful at most times

They must be good friends; why else would George put up with all the childish behavior and all the trouble that Lennie puts him through?

Others don't seem to understand this friendship. The boss thinks George is stealing Lennie's pay. Curley thinks "it's that way." Slim gets it, and so does Whit, who talks so kindly about Bill Tenner. Crooks understands too.

yes they did have a friendship xD


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they did then again they don't bc he only took care of him cuz his ant


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Yes. They were obviously good friends because if you can see, they actually travel together and do almost anything together. Moreover, George did not want to kill Lennie. The killing was to end Lennie's misery. We can see from the fact that Slim told George that being locked in a cage is not a condition a person should live in, and that is the best case scenario. The worst scenario, which is the most probable is that Curly will shoot Lennie in the guts with a shotgun. And George would rather kill Lennie himself than let Curly kill him or lock him up.


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I do not agree. Their relationship and the qualities of that relationship is not two-sided, as a true friendship should contain. Lennie who seems sweet and innocent does not have the mental capacity or the ability to contribute to his relationship with George. George on the other hand, cannot properly care for Lennie in a way that is necessary for friendship. For example, when Lennie does not remember things that George tells him, George becomes impatient and scolds Lennie, almost treating him like a dog. He does not pay attention to Lennie's mental capacity as often or as much as he should. While George is not the optimal friend, he does give more effort into his relationship than Lennie does. Also, in response to the question: Why else would George stick with Lennie who is super childish, if they weren't good friends?, Steinbeck tells us in the book that the reason George sticks with Lennie is because he feels as though he has an obligation to do so to Aunt Clara. When she died, he took Lennie and cared for him. Without this obligation, why else would he desire to be friends with Lennie? Lennie does not benefit him in any way and therefore the friendship cannot be beneficial to anyone but Lennie and thus, they did not have a true and strong friendship.


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