Of Mice and Men

Does Curley’s wife deserve to die?

i need to write an essay on this.... can some pls help

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(here, this is what i wrote for my essay, hope this helps)

Published in 1937, Of Mice and Men focuses on two migrant field workers in California during the Great Depression—George Milton, an intelligent and small man, and Lennie Small, a man of large stature and strength but limited mental abilities—come to a ranch to "work up a stake." They hope to one day attain their shared dream of settling down on their own piece of land. Lennie's part of the dream, is merely to tend rabbits on the farm. George protects Lennie at the beginning by telling him that if Lennie gets into trouble George won't let him "tend them rabbits." They are fleeing from their previous employment where they were run out of town after Lennie got in trouble.

At the ranch, the dream appears to move closer to reality. Candy, the old, ranch-hand, even offers to pitch in with Lennie and George so they can buy the farm by the end of the month. The dream crashes when Lennie accidentally kills the young and attractive wife of Curley, the ranch owner's son, while trying to stroke her hair.A lynch mob led by Curley gathers. George, wanting to spare Lennie a painful death at the hands of the violent Curley, shoots Lennie in the back of the head before the mob can find him after they had recited their dreams of owning their own land.

George had in mind that completing the dream with Lennie at his side would be nearly impossible. He did the right thing by killing him in a way he would not be alarmed. If he had not killed him, he probably would have been so scared by having other men kill him and he would have reacted in a more violent way. This shows how George cared for Lennie and wanted him to be peaceful and hopeful by the time he died. This is proven when George tells Lennie that they are going to make the dream possible right there right now and then shoots him when he is not looking. Steinbeck shows that when someone cares for someone, it is better to let the other go if it is for the best.

Gorge knew that Lennie was going to get killed after he got in trouble, so he did the right thing by shooting Lennie. If George really did not care for Lennie he would have let the other men kill him but no matter how many times George complained about Lennie it is clear that George did care for Lennie. George had not only become a stronger man in the end. He took Lennies life and broke Aunt Clara's promise, but he did it for the best for him, Lennie and the other workers on the ranch.. He also helped himself because that took a lot of weight off his shoulders and gave him more hope to complete the dream even without Lennie. It helped him deal with death and to become more responsible by doing what he thought was the right thing,

In an ironic way, he also did Lennie a favor by killing him. Geroge knew that this probably was not going to be the last time he got in trouble. He had already been accused of rape, killed a puppy, and now a person. Lennie was not aware of his own strength and did not know how to react when he was in a conflict. George did not want Lennie to go to jail or to get killed by someone else so he killed him himself, knowing it was going to happen sooner or later.

This affected the other workers on the ranch as well. Knowing that George has killed a man, whom the ranch owner thought to be his cousin, they all might have gained a little more respect for George and see him as a more responsible man that has to be taken a little more seriously.


1. Your essay does nothing to answer hiphoopy's question.

I don't believe that the wife deserves to die. She is just seeking what we all seek--genuine human connection. Her husband does not give her this, so she just wants to talk to Lennie. She shows some bad judgment, but who hasn't?

2. You say that in killing Lennie, George "helped himself because that took a lot of weight off his shoulders and gave him more hope to complete the dream even without Lennie." This is incorrect. Without Lennie, George's dream of owning a ranch will die. Even if he were to go ahead with Candy and Crooks, it wouldn't be the same. Candy knows this as soon as he sees the dead wife. He asks George whether they can still buy the ranch; George doesn't answer, so Candy knows the dream is gone. So in killing his best friend, George also kills his dream and turns himself into just another bindle stiff--alone, with no future. He does not help himself. Hence his act is truly selfless, since he gains no benefit from killing Lennie.

please, this is for my homework. my question is that did Curley's wife deserve to die?

i need an answer as soon as possible because my teacher will kill me

Glory, the whole point of the assignment is to write what you think. There is not a "right" answer. State your opinion and explain it with evidence from the text. If you think she deserved to die, say so. Then tell what she did to deserve it. If you think she didn't deserve to die, say so. Then tell why her actions are forgivable.

I am certain that your teacher will not kill you. Maybe you will earn a zero for not doing the assigned writing, but you would deserve that.

Stop begging for rescue here. Do your homework yourself. You might learn something.

i love this book but it is sad when lennie get killed and curlys wife i dont like her

glory have you got the book @home if you havent you need to your local chirty and it will coast you 50p i am doing of mice and men you can ask me

glory no curlys wife didnt to deserve to die and lennie shloudnt of killed her dose that help :)


hiphoopy ok you need help writing this essay here is my add me and then i will help you

what do you need help on

do you need my help from courtney


yes curley wife does deserve to die because although she was aware of lennies disabilities, also ske knew that lennie likes to touch soft things she still put her head in lennie face and told lennie to feel her hair she should have thought about it and i think that it is curleys wifes fault. shes responsible for her own death. even my english teacher said so u cn trust me. :)

i am reading mice and men and i think no matter what curleys wife did no one deserves to die

I don’t think that anyone actually deserves to die because nobody is perfect we have good sides and bad sides to us but isnt what curleys wife does just what most people would do if you had no friends and couldn’t even speak to your husband the I think that it is only normal to find someone else to speak to is it not?