Of Mice and Men

differences and similarities in CH1 and CH6

write introduction and 2 body paragraphs

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Chapter 1 begins near a pool of wate. George and lennie go through their regular banter. George scolds Lennie about drinking so much water. They don't have ketchup so and again they fall into similar dialogue. Lennie threatens to run away to a cave and George recites all the things he might do if Lennie were not around. Geoerge ends up re-telling (probably for the thousandth time) about their little farm dream. Finally George tells Lennie to remember the spot in case there is trouble. Yup, there is a little forshadowing!

Chapter 6 comes full circle. They are back in the same spot; Lennie has done something bad. The discourse of this chapter is similar b

So, George tells Lennie to go and hide near the river in case of something bad ever happens, and then when Lennie accidentally kills Curlyes wife, he does what George said.