Of Mice and Men

describe what's wrong about how Candy's dog is dealt with


I Need paragraph of this

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Candy's dog is taken out and shot. As far as what was wrong about how the dog was dealt with is a whole other question. People will tell you that shooting an animal in the back of the head is instant, painless and humane. There are others who would tell you the complete opposite and say the dog should have been put to sleep, although I know people who have had their dogs put to sleep and claimed the end was not peaceful at all..... that their dogs cried out.

What I always find hardest about the way Candy's dog is dealt with is that it was done without his real consent. He was bullied into giving up the dog. Yes, the dog was old.... yes, he was suffering, but most people know when the end has come and the suffering is too great and make that decision on their own. Candy didn't have that opportunity, he was basically given no choice.