Of Mice and Men

Crooks so angry? Do you think he likes Lennie? Why do you think Crooks seems to be so angry towards people?

This question is about Chapter 4.

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Crooks hasn't had such an easy go of it. As much as everyone feels alone on this ranch, Crooks must contend with being more of an outcast because of his black skin.Crooks is forces to live in a hovel beside the horse stables. He is excluded from most social settings with the other men. Crooks is alone, angry and depressed. When Lennie comes into his hovel, Crooks gets angry. This is the only space he has that is his. All his emotional pain and loneliness comes out in anger. Crooks really is happy to have Lennie, and anybody, to talk to but his anger is also apparent.

Crooks is not slow or challenged, he has a crooked back (literally). He's a bookworm, he keeps to himself, and he keeps a clean room. Crooks has been treated poorly due to prejudice his entire life, and is extremely suspicious of those who are trying to be "nice."

He's angry because Curley's wife appears in his doorway, and she doesn't belong there......... she has no business being anywhere near his private room. On top of which, she verbally abuses him. Her abuse is reminiscent of the abuse he's taken for years........... she demeans him and won't leave when she's ask. He's angry because he's black and treated as an inferior. During this period of time, Crooks was only one of many blacks treated this way.


Of Mice and Men

Crooks has been mistreated by the whites, so he responds in kind when he can. They forbid him from entering the bunk house, so he forbids Lennie from entering his room. The anger doesn't last long, though; he does appreciate the company.

Crooks is also a weak character, because of his race and his physical handicap. In this novel, the weak are disposed of. With Lennie he sees a chance to the the stronger man--intellectually. He tries teasing Lennie with the story of George not coming back. It backfires. He also tries telling off Curley's wife. That backfires too. This is why he is in exactly the same place at the end of chaper 4 that he was at the beginning--trying to soothe his pain.

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