Of Mice and Men

Chapter Theme

What would be some themes for the 6 chapters? Like for chapter 1, it would be friendship (teacher's example) but what about the others?

Thanks in advance :D

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I remember reading the last 2 chapters, but the theme for 5 is caring because George didn't want Lennie to get hurt.

The theme for chapter 6 is love because George had to ultimately kill Lennie so he wouldn't be lynched.

Thanks Brian.

Can you please tell me the themes for chapter 2 and 3?

He just did.

What's the theme?

What do you think Greg?

Wait, for chapters 1-6? No, i cant do that Vega. i cant do that.

Chapter theme: IDC Vega, lol.

I'm sorry...what're we talking about? Chapter themes? I think Brian r.'s got it.

Brian j.

Course he does.