Of Mice and Men

Chapter 4 -- Of Mice and Men Questions

When Curleys wife interrupts the dicussion, what do we learn about her relationship with Curley?

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We already know a little bit about Curly and his wife. She has been married two weeks and she hates him. She wished to go to Hollywood but ended up with Curly in a ranch full of men. She is so isolated that she walks around the ranch like a ghost. She is so faceless that Steinbeck doesn't even give her a name; she is simply the property of Curly. So when she walks in on Crooks and Lennie she is lonely and looking for company under the pretense of finding her husband. Curly's wife sums up her relationship with Curly, "Sure I gotta husban'. You all seen him. Swell guy, ain't he? Spends all his time sayin' what he's gonna do to guys he don't like, and he don't like....." We get the feeling that when Curly is not abusing her, he simply ignores her.