Of Mice and Men

Chapter 4 focus questions

In this section, we are introduced to Crooks, the stable buck. Crooks is another important figure in John Steinbeck's overall theme, THE WORLD CONSPIRES TO CRUSH THOSE WHO ARE NOT THE FITTEST. Describe Crooks and explain how he is disempowered in this book.

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Crooks is not allowed in any "white" living areas. Crooks is segregated because he is black. This means that he is isolated because he seems to be the only black worker on the ranch. Lennie walking into his little stable is difficult for him. Inside he welcomes the company but also feels that he should have the right to stop white people from being in his little space. Crooks is angry because of his own pain more than anything else. His little bit of space is all that is left of his pride. In the end his loneliness gets the better of him and he lets Lennie in. Much like Curley's wife, Crooks is an outsider who is ignored and berated, Ironically is is Curley's wife who lashes out at the only person that is as powerless as her.