Of Mice and Men

Chapter 2

Curly and his wife have been married for only a few weeks. How does steinbeck show the reader their marriage is in trouble?

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Curley is extremely jealous. He's only been married two weeks, and his main activity is running around looking for his wife. He does not trust her, he doesn't even seem to like her.

Curley's wife is lonely..... something that is unacceptable for a new bride. Curley might want to use the time he spends searching for his wife to pay attention to her. In response, Curley's wife wanders around looking for people to talk to, and the only available people are ranch hands. Yes, she is flirtacious..... and she certainly seems to be unhappy, but sometimes you just have to ask if her actions weren't meant to provoke her husband's jealousy. Unfortunately, she has no problem admitting that her marriage was a way out.... she got married to get away from her mother.


Of Mice and Men