Of Mice and Men

Chapter 1

After reading pg. 15 (I will put down here the page), describe an example of foreshadowing. (How does the author hint at future tension?)

“Well,” said George, “we’ll have a big vegetable patch and a rabbit hutch and chickens. And when it rains in the winter, we’ll just say the hell with goin’ to work, and we’ll build up a fire in the stove and set around it an’ listen to the rain comin’ down on the roof—Nuts!” He took out his pocket knife. “I ain’t got time for no more.” He drove his knife through the top of one of the bean cans, sawed out the top and passed the can to Lennie. Then he opened a second can. From his side pocket he brought out two spoons and passed one of them to Lennie. They sat by the fire and filled their mouths with beans and chewed mightily. A few beans slipped out of the side of Lennie’s mouth. George gestured with his spoon. “What you gonna say tomorrow when the boss asks you questions?” Lennie stopped chewing and swallowed. His face was concentrated. “I . . . . I ain’t gonna . . . . say a word.” “Good boy! That’s fine, Lennie! Maybe you’re gettin’ better. When we get the coupla acres I can let you tend the rabbits all right. ‘Specially if you remember as good as that.” Lennie choked with pride. “I can remember,” he said. George motioned with his spoon again. “Look, Lennie. I want you to look around here. You can remember this place, can’t you? The ranch is about a quarter mile up that way. Just follow the river?” “Sure,” said Lennie. “I can remember this. Di’n’t I remember about not gonna say a word?” “’Course you did. Well, look. Lennie—if you jus’ happen to get in trouble like you always done before, I want you to come right here an’ hide in the brush.” “Hide in the brush,” said Lennie slowly. “Hide in the brush till I come for you. Can you remember that?”

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The fact that George has already set up a place for Lennie to come in case he gets into trouble like he "always done before" foreshadows that trouble is coming and that Lennie will need a place to hide where George can find him and help him out of the trouble he has gotten himself into.