Of Mice and Men

Book & Movie

If anyone has any comparisons & contrast between the movie (the one with John M. as Lennie) and the book, that would be awesome! Or if anyone knows any websites that show the comparisons and differences.

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Just type in Of Mice and Men and browse. I found a couple.

one if the mane differences was that in the movie Candy never came into the room when Lennie and Crooks were talking to each other and then Crooks never found out thet the dream about that little house was true and in the book Crooks wanted to get in on the deal. And the movie never showed Lennies Illiutions of his aunt Clara and the big rabbit.

The film shows Lennie at work, with George having him demostrate his strength by holding up a wagon while George hangs on the wheel (this shows how much George trusts Lennie also).

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