Of Mice and Men

American Dream

This is my thesis for why American dream isn't possible for all. I just want your oppoin on it.

Overall, the American Dream of having all their goals achieved is not easy to achieve for certain people, since there are always disadvantages and obstacles that people face, such as financial disadvantages, as well as gender and race discriminitation.

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I think the book looks at the American dream as largely being an illusion both economically and socially for the masses. We see this in books like the Great Gatsby and of course most of Steinbeck. All of the men in the book have nothing but a futile hope for belonging and a place to call their home. The era and the system will not allow the marginalized to have a chance at whatever the American Dream is perceived to be.

After reading the book, various articles and related materials, I can say that I agree with your thought. I recently wrote an essay myself on this topic, namely American Dream Essays, go on, check out and compare the different approaches. Recommended to check out A Raisin in the Sun American Dream, Is the American Dream Accessible to Everyone and George and Lennie’s American Dream. Good luck with your study, read more and grow!