Of Mice and Men

5 key moments George

mice of men

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George gets to the ranch.

George meets Slim.

George tells Lennie to protect himself from Curley.

Candy says he will pay for part of the farm.

George shoots Lennie.

why is it important when george meets slim

The Key Moments I Know Of:

1. George And Lennie Talking about their hopes and dreams on the farm- Introduces Characters and a bit about them and their goals.

2. Meeting Curley's Wife-Use of Foreshadowing (An insight into what's going to happen in the end.)

3. George Telling Lennie to Defend himself from Curley when he Attacks him- Shows that George cares of Lennie.

4. When Lennie kills Curley's wife- This is what the foreshadowing led to. Also gave us a clue to the end of the book.

5. George Shoots Lennie- Final moment of the book. The sad ending has a lasting impact on the reader.