Of Mice and Men

1. Why did Lennie sleep in the barn?

1. Why did Lennie sleep in the barn?


2. What do Whit and George talk about, and what does George decide to do?


3. What is Curley upset about?

chapter 3 short answers.


4. Who gets into a fight and why?

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1) He wanted to be close to the puppies.

2) Whit discusses the merits of old Susy's place over Clara's, it being cheaper and having nice chairs...... george decides to go out with the boys.

3) He thonks Lenny is insulting him, and we all know that Lennie is incapable of making fun...... he doesn't even understand it.

4) Curly and Lennie get into a fight...... because Curly provokes it.


Of Mice and Men