Of Mice and Men

:] lennie

did lennie have a happy life?

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Neat question.

I believe Lennie had a happy life.

I totally agree with you CoCo. Lennie blatantly has a mind of a child. George can be harsh to Lennie at times, but he only reacts with him like this for his own protection. Like when he kills Lennie at the end. It was more painless for him to be killed there and then. As there maybe worse consiquences for him, involving Curly. And i'm sure that you can all imagine the horible deeds that he would do to punish Lennie, for the killing of his wife. But i still don't understand why didn't George kill himself aswell?

I don't think 'harsh' is the right way to describe George's treatment towards Lennie. I think that the way George treats Lennie is completely appropriate. Although George is firm with Lennie, i think the way he treats him is entirely appropriate. I think Lennie needs George to treat him the way he does, because George shows Lennie how he should behave.

I agree with aretha f and and I remember those days coco s.