Oedipus Rex or Oedipus the King

What is the relevance of sophocles philosophy to our modern time?

can you also explain it through examples??

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Sophocles' plays reflect the beliefs of the Greeks in his own time. For example, the Greeks believed that a great hero would fall through his own hubris. Oedipus, when he gets too "full of himself" and does such things as set up punishment for the person who has killed Laius, is actually too proud to see the real truth. Another belief that the Greeks had was that one is fated to meet one's destiny regardless of how one tries to avoid it. Both Oedipus' parents (Jocasta and Laius) and Oedipus himself try to avoid their fate, they by having him killed (which does not happen) and he by leaving Corinth. In general, we could say that the idea of hubris is certainly relevant today, especially when we see politicians such as Herman Cain who believes that he is invincible and can behave in whatever fashion he chooses without any problem with his reputation. On the other hand, modern culture is less enchanted by the idea that one cannot control one's destiny.