Oedipus Rex or Oedipus the King

What effect does the Chorus's repeated vows of faith for his "good helmanship" have on your perceptions on Oedipus? Would you feel the same way without the chorus speeches?

Need the answer to this question... I'm completely lost.

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In "Oedipus Rex," the chorus represents the voice of the average citizens and contributes insight that cannot be communicated by the other characters in the play. The chorus moves along the story by announcing the arrival of characters and answering questions that help the plot progress. Sophocles also utilizes a chorus because it helps the audience to see the story from one more angle, providing a fuller picture of the situation. Representing a body of regular citizens, the chorus is level-headed, agreeably predictable, and candid, often giving voice to the thoughts and questions of the audience. Most importantly, the chorus' sympathy to Oedipus during this catastrophic period in his life pushes the audience to commiserate with the tragic hero. I think the Chorus certainly affects the reader's or viewers jusgment as to how they see the characters: that is their job.