Oedipus Rex or Oedipus the King

Were Oedipus and Creon brothers?

In the "major themes" section of the "Oedipus the King" study guide under, "The one and the many (also doubles/twos)", the writer contends that Oedipus and Creon were brothers. I have not seen proof of this anywhere in the text. They were brother-in-laws, and in the end, Oedipus turned out to be Creon's nephew, but they were not brothers. In fact, if they were brothers, since Jocasta and Creon were brother and sister, that would make Jocasta Oedipus' sister as as well as his mother. This simply makes no sense.

I have submitted this error to the website but for some reason they suggested that I post the question here.


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Creon is Jocasta's brother. Hence he is both uncle and brother-in-law to Oedipus.

They are NOT brothers. Laius and Jocasta had only one child.

The study guide says, "The Oedipus we are left with is both father and brother." This refers to the children, Antigone and Ismene: Oedipus is their father but also their half brother, since they have the same mother.

The statement is not a reference to Creon.