Oedipus Rex or Oedipus the King

The need for minor characters....

I really need help with this essay...

It's on minor characters in both Oedipus and The Bacchae..

I need to know the importance and effects of minor characters in these two Greek Tragedies... I have already covered to a large extent that they explain what's happenin off stage (eg. Unable to have violence so a minor character would explain in detail)If anyone can help it'd be really great.. :) thanx..

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"Minor" characters in these Greek plays are almost always more major than "minor" characters in a modern work, since the plays are so economical. In Oediups, everyone who comes on stage furthers the story. Tiresias, then the shepherd and then the messenger, one by one they bring their part of the story. If you mean the chorus, then the chorus in Greek drama speaks for the audience, allowing a moral dialectic on the choices being made by characters.