Oedipus Rex or Oedipus the King

How sophocles influenced the development of Greek Drama??

or how his literary works influence the development of greek drama??

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Sophocles believed that he went through three specific changes in his career as a writer. His first stage was one of imitation, a time when he copied the pomp and language of the great Aeschylus. In Sophocles' second stage, he imitated no one; his work was entirely his own. He experimented with new ways to evoke feelings and responses in his audience (Athene's mockery of Ajax, and his subsequent suicide). The third and final stage of Sophocles' development was all about diction and the proper use of language.

From the 5th Century, ancient Greeks became enthralled with the concept of tragedies and comedies. Sophocles was a great influence and a great writer. He is charged with being the first to introduce a third actor into his plays, something that reduced the size and need for the chorus. He is also responsible for the first series of set decorations, which is known as skenographia, or scenery-painting.