Oedipus Rex or Oedipus the King


What are THREE mythological allusions used in the story?

Alos, tell what the allusion is, then summarize the stry of character, god, or myth.....

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There are many allusions in Oedipus Rex...Zeus, Apollo, Black God of Death: Hades, and the Sphinx. Apollo is the most important of these four; he gives the prophecy to Oedipus and Creon; he had the foreknowledge, and everyone knows that Apollo's has absolute knowledge in the world of mythology.

The sphinx appears when Oedipus comes to the gates of Thebes, and she poses a riddle that he must answer before gaining entrance to the city. Oedipus solved her riddle, and she jumped off of the city walls to her death out of frustration.

Hades is actually a place here, and Oedipus is grieved that in his own shame he will not be able to look either of them in the eyes when he gets there. This one might not work............ but Zeus only has a small part here, and Apollo speaks for him.


Oedipus Rex