Oedipus Rex or Oedipus the King

Hard questions

Who identifies the old shepherd as the man who spared the infant Oedipus?

Where does the shepherd say he'd tended his sheep?How did the shepherd and the messenger from Corinth know each other?how does the shepherd react when the messenger states that King Oedipus was the baby the shepherd had given him? Who had originally given the infant to the shepherd?why had the infant been handed over to the shepherd to begin with ?Why didn't the shepherd destroy the infant as instructed?What truth does Oedipus learn?

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Most of these others have been answered in your separate threads but I'll answer those that haven't here. "How does the shep. react...?" : He freaks out, angered the messenger would reveal this, and then begs Oedipus not to ask him too much about it. "Who had originally given...?" : Jocasta. "Why had the infant been...?": It was on Laius's order, to have the baby killed to prevent the prophecy from coming true. Jocasta did the actual handing over. "Why didn't the shepherd...?" : He felt pity for a helpless babe and wanted to just have it live elsewhere. "What truth does...?" : That Laius was actually his father, whom he killed, meaning he has committed incest.