O Pioneers

Name and explain three obstacles that Alexandra Berstrom successfully conquered?

name and explain(give details) on three things alexandra had problems with but eventually overcame them

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This is a very thematic question. Obstacles and sacrifice are imbedded in the themes of this story.

Alexandra building up her land is one of the largest obstacles facing her and all the pioneers. For Alexandra, taming just a little land validated her very existence,

"There was something individual about the great farm, a most unusual trimness and care for detail. . .. You feel that, properly, Alexandra's house is the big out-of-doors, and that it is in the soil that she expresses herself best."

Self-sacrifice is an obstacle that Alexandra willingly gives. She gives up most of her youth and many chances for happiness because she has a vision of the future that requires hard work and sustained dedication.

Alexandra is forced to give up her imagination and passion if she is to attain the very practical task of creating a farm. Alexandra lacks this imagination, one that is not as important to success, but important to happiness. Alexandra cannot read the eyes and faces of those around her and imagine what is going on in their heads.